Paul-Antoine Libourel.

Working at the French CNRS in the Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology (CNRS UMR 5175) in Montpellier and in the Neurosciences Research Center of Lyon (CNRS UMR 5292, INSERM U1028), my current researches focuses on sleep, its function(s), and its phenotypic variation across the animal kingdom. To do so I use comparative and integrated approaches including, electroencephalography, physiological recordings, behavioral quantification, neuroanatomy, and medical imaging. To reach that goal, we are developing hardware and software tools dedicated to recording and quantifying sleep in diverse species both in the lab and in the field. I’m currently focusing on vertebrate models with a special interest in reptiles.

        If you are interested in joining the team to work on biological or methodological projects, please feel free to send me an email, I’m always looking for interested and motivated students.

Evolution of sleep states
Sleep into the wild
Methodological developments