Researcher / Engineer

Comparative biology of sleep


  • Biology of sleep
  • sleep in reptiles
  • SIGNAL Acquisition AND PROCESSING (Electrophysiology, EEG , EMG)
  • Neurobiology, PHYSIOLOGY, ANATOMY
  • INSTRUMENTATION and MEDICAL IMAGERY, (X-Ray, CT Scan, Echography, MRI…).
  • IMAGERY AND OPTICS, physical, electronic, mathematical and image processing concepts in vision and imagery technologies.
  • MECHANICS: general mechanics, resistance of materials, conception


Since May 2009 : Research engineer at CNRS UMR 5292, Neuroscience Research Center of Lyon, France, Member of the Sleep team

Research Project: Ecophysiology and ecolution of sleep states sleep:
• Behavioural and wireless electrophysiological characterisation of sleep in vertebrates
• Co Mentor of two PhD students

Technical Project:
• Development of a datalogger for sleep research in the wild
• Development of data processing and acquisition tools for sleep research
• Scientific consultant for 10 years with a private company

January 2005- May 2009 : Scientific instrumentation engineer at CNRS UMR 7179, National Museum of Natural History, Paris, France, Adaptation mechanisms: from organism to community, Member of the team “Organism motion: evolution and functional aspects”,

Development of activities, tools and management of the vertebrate’s locomotion platform:
• DevDevelopment of the methodologies for animal movement quantification, in the lab and in the field
• Management of the platform


  • 2019: PhD in neurosciences, Phylogeny of sleep in tetrapods : analysis of evolutionary patterns, electrophysiological and behavioral studies in two squamates species and new methodological perspectives.
  • 2002-2003: Post-graduate degree (Master 2) in Electronic Imagery Université P. et M. Curie Paris VI, image processing, sensors, 3D scanning …
  • 2000-2002: Masters (MST) in Biomedical Engineering Université C. Bernard Lyon I, Medical instrumentation, electronics, general anatomy and physiology, signal processing, …
  • 1998-2000: Degree (DUT) in Mechanical engineering and Industrial Automation, Université C. Bernard Lyon I, Mechanics, production, mechanical design …